Weggis, Luzern


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 The link between the DNA of a place, our being here, and the future.

At the beginning, I always ask myself: “why do I have to build in this place?” I let you whisper to me which gift you want to receive, and it guides our imagination, cultivated in love. The time comes when, from the blank sheet, constellations of points brighter than others appear. It is like lying under the stars at night; they offer us the vision of an environment, at the centre of which, man lies down and feels at ease.

The “desired” place is the grafting of art onto nature, of two landscapes: the physical, historical, naturalistic and the interior, intellectual and sensorial in relation to sociality.

The form is the exaltation of the best worlds we build around our moods, where we rediscover the ancestral taste of nature, and ourselves, in a primitive state.

Each line creates an environment, the first in addition to our body that relates to our senses.

Space is the prolongation of our senses and we are water that flows from one space to another, from public life to the intimate one, where we calm down, balance our internal motion to feel in balance, and from here, almost immediately, yes they open the doors of our dreams, even those of childhood.

From when we face the world to our birth, we are intoxicated with wonder at the beauty that surrounds us, outside and within us; this enchantment invites us to cultivate joy, day after day.

Our habitat is the mother that feeds us after our childhood; we mold it with love and harmony, so our best instinct flourishes in every season.

It stimulates us and gives us the tranquillity to take care of our spirit and our body, it makes us enjoy a state of ecstasy that always surprises us, because from the calm our visions of ideal worlds bloom.

We are the most influential community of living beings, suspended between two wonders: the earth and the sky, two universal works to which we will give different meanings to infinity. Every action of ours is a loving attention that comes from caring for ourselves and radiates overwhelming others.

I love the philosophy of Henri, a dear visionary friend. He gives us the spiritual content around which I build the feelings that embrace us and relate to us and to the context.

Chenot Palace Weggis is born of the earth and its guests, it envelops us, respects the natural environment that welcomes it and its legacy of millennial values. Architecture is not an adventure into temptations but a journey into emotions.


We build for man, with love.