Sils i.E, Grisons


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 Invited Architecture Competition


The Hotel Furtschellas is a strong and discreet gesture that resolves in a single form the heterogeneity of functions in a compact way. All rooms are interconnected in order to offer the users an experience of exchange and pleasure and to move from one room to another through the heart of the composition. An open house. There are no paths between sport and entertainment, leisure and gastronomy, everything is direct and seamless. The Open House lives day and night by purchasing all the offers that always look alive, whether those appearing on the premises or as a backdrop.

The desire is awakened to be part of this life and to become a customer of the new structure. An oasis for young sports lovers. The restaurants overlook the lake, the bars enjoy the sun in the afternoon and attract people from the ski slopes and the station. The direct access from the valley station to the underground car park and the rooms as well as the connected terraces allow the visitor to slide from one experience to another. All entrances, including the underground entertainment world, are directly accessible from the forecourt and the bars.

It is a world of enjoying nature and living together, rarely found in the tourist market. This new presence is leading the way as a model for a new era of tourism for young people. A form recognizable from afar, centripetal to the open house and magical for the surprising variety of offer and sensuality of the spaces. Each space is designed according to the client’s will to create a place of harmony, sparkle and relaxation. The open house with its raised ceiling and zenith light makes you feel like you are in the heart of the Engadine in a dynamic form, protected and pampered with preferred natural materials in the rooms. The approximately one hundred rooms in this building and home for sports and life each offer an extraordinary and differentiated view of nature.

It is a structure that is suitable for different building systems, from reinforced concrete to all-wood construction, or as now chosen a mix of load-bearing concrete and wooden facades, thus meeting the client’s priorities in optimizing construction costs.

The facades are made of wooden gratings with parts glazed at the back, which reduces the direct irradiation of sunlight as well as the reflection of snow by deflecting sunlight. The wavy façade of the guest rooms offers a special living space and a sense of intimacy, which broadens the perception of space and generosity.

The strength of this project is to have designed a place, not just a building, that becomes the hallmark of the region.